17 Best Online MBA Without an Undergraduate Degree in 2021

If you are looking to change careers, advance in the business world, or simply earn a large salary, an MBA may be a thing to consider. While you may think that it is necessary to have an undergraduate degree before getting an MBA, it is not.

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Universities are offering MBA degrees to applicants without undergraduate degrees, and they are discussed in this article.

The relevance of an MBA

An MBA presents training in business management in companies. This results in graduates taking on top management positions or program managers or directors. The program builds management skills and skills involving the evaluation of business decisions.
Many of the students who complete an MBA have a non-business Bachelor’s degree. They then get this degree with the purpose of advancing or switching careers. It is a program focused on practical knowledge, hence the requirements for work experience, an internship, and provision of on-the-job training.

Do Schools Offer an Online MBA without an Undergraduate Degree?

An MBA appears to be unattainable without a Bachelor’s degree as many schools require a Bachelor of Business Administration or another Bachelor’s in a non-business field. However, some schools accept applicants with high GMAT scores who can demonstrate the right skills and experience.

17 Best Online MBA without an Undergraduate Degree in 2020

A list of online MBA programs for which an undergraduate degree in business is not needed has been compiled below.
1. Purdue University Global
Purdue University Global is an online university offering an online MBA to candidates. A bachelor’s degree not necessarily business-related with a minimum of 2.5 CGPA is all that is needed to qualify. In the absence of this required CGPA, admission can still be considered, provided you have evidence of other strong academic potentials.
2. Oregon State University
Oregon State University has an online program admitting students from various non-business backgrounds for a master’s in business administration. For business minors candidates, the university requests coursework that builds a solid foundation of business knowledge. Any one of the GRE, GMAT, or Executive Assessment examination is also required.
3. University of Florida
Applicants to the University of Florida (UF) must have full-time work experience of at least two years for admission into an online MBA program. Academic prowess and potential are also highly regarded by the school, explaining a high GMAT score requirement.
4. University of Delaware
UD — the University of Delaware — requires applicants to have two years of professional experience. Passing the cutoffs for GMAT or GRE is also an essential condition to be met before admission into the Newark-based public university’s online MBA program.
5. University of Maryland
The college University of Maryland has no requirement for a bachelor’s degree in business enrollment into its online MBA program. The underling — Robert H. School of Business — responsible for the program requires a minimum GPA of 2.80, a minimum of 550 in GMAT, and two years of work experience.
6. George Mason University
George Mason University runs an online Master’s degree in Business Administration, admitting students from different academic and professional backgrounds, business and non-business related.
7. NC State University
North Carolina State University, in 2018, admitted students into its online MBA program, and of them all, only 23% had a bachelor’s degree in business. This indicates that NC State University is open to enrolling students from different academic backgrounds, provided they meet the institution’s admission requirements.
8. University of Nebraska – Lincoln
This is the most populous member of the University of Nebraska System, having about 26,000 students. The University of Nebraska — Lincoln states that before admission to the school’s online MBA, the candidate must have at least one year of professional experience.
9. Ball State University
Ball State University is a beneficial and accommodating university because it is one of the few institutions where a bachelor’s degree in business administration is not required to qualify for an online MBA. Neither is work experience required. The university helps those without a business-related academic background by providing a 12-credit course in business fundamentals. For students with a bachelor’s degree, admission is dependent on a minimum of 2.75 GPA and completion of the GMAT or GRE.
10. Fayetteville State University
Fayetteville State University is a member of the University of North Carolina system. FSU requires no bachelor’s degree in business, and neither does it require any work experience for admission purposes. To get admitted to the school’s online MBA program, you need to have taken GMAT or GRE.
11. University of Edinburgh Business School
The admission process at the University of Edinburgh Business School is quite open. There’s the acceptance of applicants who have no bachelor’s degree. The condition is that they pass the standardized entrance exam for the GMAT. Applicants are also required to complete an essay assignment and pass an oral and numerical argumentation test.
12. University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
The University of Illinois offers an online master of business administration course to interested candidates, provided they meet the requirement of 72 credits. The College of Business of the University of Illinois offers the course to teach teamwork and team management skills.
13. Howard University, Washington, DC
The University School of Business manages Howard University’s online Master of Business Administration program. Although students do not need a bachelor’s degree, they are expected to have 48 credits with the inclusion of general instructions and a strategic management keystone component. Applicants are also required to have at least five years of professional experience in a managerial position.
14. Ohio University, Athens, Ohio
Ohio University College of Business at Ohio University offers an oil MBA with no GMAT requirements for admission. The college teaches students how to combine basic business knowledge with practical applications. Students who complete the program often get job offers while they’re studying.
15. University of Scranton, Scranton, PA
The Scranton School of Management of the University of Scranton offers an online Master of business administration, which can be completed by full-time students in two years. Completing an MBA also requires 36 credits.
16. California University of Pennsylvania, California, PA
As with the nature of online courses and programs, the California University of Pennsylvania promises flexibility while learning. The online MBA is a 36-credit program usually completed within one year or less by full-time students and two years by part-time students.
17. Baker University, Baldwin City, Kansas
The Baker University’s School of Professional and Graduate Studies offers an MBA with 33 credits. This online master of business administration degree teaches strategic planning skills and organizational and business management skills.

MBA for Non-Business Majors without Business Experience

Students getting admitted into an MBA program usually have basic business skills, even if they’re business majors. Before admission, many programs require candidates to take core courses in finance, statistics, accounting, and others to develop business and leadership skills. The implication is that potential MBA students without a bachelor’s degree in business need to level up by acquainting themselves with basic business knowledge.
Students without a business background benefit significantly from an MBA because so many companies prefer to hire p-business majors who specialize in other fields. It prepared students for a career change or professional advancement.

How Much Do Online MBA Graduates Earn?

Newbies with less than a year or work experience earn about $52,872 per year. MBA graduates with four years of experience about $60,779 per annum.
These statistical findings show that professional experience and duration in the business contribute significantly to an MBA holder’s salary. Besides, those having 10-19 years of experience earn more than $100,283 per year.

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