2022 Best Stair Lift Options For Seniors

Getting older isn’t always grand or easy. We gradually start needing more help to remember things, get things done, or even get around the house. What’s more, not everyone wants a caregiver in their home, and relatives or friends often aren’t available. Therefore, stair lifts can make all the difference.

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Stair lifts can also make everyday life so much easier and safer for people of all ages that struggle with physical and/or neurological disabilities which prevent them from having good balance and bodily motor control. They can also be a significant improvement on daily quality of life for seniors who wish to stay at their own home, people who are obese or suffer from a health condition, those who got hurt in a car accident or underwent invasive surgery that requires a lengthy healing/recovery period. Plus, it can reduce pain and strain for people who suffer from arthritic or abnormal knees.

Important Things To Know And Consider

Stair lifts vary in price and type, and come with their share of special features and benefits. Some models may look good and feel comfortable to sit on, but they may not offer or provide the features that you want, or it may be way out of your budget range. Some may take longer to be fully installed than others due to certain pre-installation work that may be required, such as upgrading weak or problematic home electrical wiring or fixing a weak/broken section of the stair banister.

Hence, it’s very important to check the stability of the stairs, calculate the total costs and to understand all the various terms and conditions beforehand.

Listed below are some of the top rated stairlift providers, especially for seniors.

AmeriGlide Stairlifts

AmeriGlide Stairlifts is an American manufacturer and second-hand dealer. They offer one of the largest selections of stairlifts in the country, which means they have options to fit any budget. Ameriglide stairlifts are available for sale directly from the company in new, certified pre-owned, or factory reconditioned varieties and price ranges for either in-home or commercial settings.

Better yet, buyers who have carpentry or machine installation experience can save up to $1,025 by opting to install their AmeriGlide stair lift on their own instead.

More Pros:

● The curved stairlifts fit even the most complex staircases
● Transparent pricing that includes prices for every model, option, and upgrade.
● Optional payment plans, occasional sales and rental stairlifts available.

Harmar Stairlifts

Harmar Stairlifts is an American manufacturer and one of the most trusted stairlift brands in the world. Its stairlifts are all designed and assembled within the United States, and the thousands of dealers throughout North America that sell its products also offer assessments, installation, and routine maintenance services to their customers. Harmar specializes in fast delivery, supportive customer care, and perhaps most importantly, top-quality engineering.

No other manufacturer of quality stairlifts can beat the impressive 600-pound weight capacity of Harmar’s Pinnacle HD stairlift, and every Harmar machine comes with a highly capable motor and a battery that is double the size of nearly all other stairlifts.

More Pros:

● Has some of the most compact stairlifts on the market and can fit in the narrowest of staircases.
● All Pinnacle models have batteries that can power lifts up to 60 cycles in times of a power outage.
● Many models require no grease or lubrication, thus preventing messy and painstaking maintenance.

Handicare Stairlifts

Handicare was originally founded in the UK, but has grown to become an international organization and an industry leader in mobility equipment manufacturing. With its stairlifts’ high quality, comprehensive standard packages, and highly customizable design, it’s no wonder why it’s become a top pick in the US.

Another factor that makes Handicare stand out from the competition, is the high-accessibility design elements of its Xclusive stairlift. These features make it a great choice for many people, including those who have dementia or severe joint discomfort. Plus, it comes with color-contrasted and high-visibility user controls, power swivel and power footrest features, simple-to-access battery housing, and softened hand rests.

More Pros:

● Many models come with a heavy duty kit and can carry 350 or more pounds.
● Comes in many seat style options.
● Optional drop nose or folding hinge at base of stairs to prevent obstruction of halls or doorways.
● Seats designed for those with limited mobility or strength in consultation with therapists.

Savaria Stairlifts

Savaria is a Canadian- based mobility equipment company that makes everything from home elevators to wheelchair lifts. 400 dealers and affiliates throughout North America distribute and install its many products. One of the things Savaria is most well-known for is the high practicality of its stairlifts’ basic features.

Savaria also includes a set of standard features in the price of all of their models that should soundly accommodate most buyers’ needs. Savaria stairlifts are all made to comfortably hold people of most sizes and weights.

More Pros:

● Continuously charging batteries twice the size of average stairlift, batteries will power lifts during power outages
● Stairlift models with small fold-away profile and optional fold-up rail to prevent obstructions and save space
● Multiple seat options, including heavy-duty seats with a larger weight capacity of 350 pounds.
● Quick installation with straight lifts installed in three hours or less.

Final Thoughts

Just like any other company, product or service, there are always some drawbacks or things that might make it unsuitable for you or a loved one. Every stairlift company and their various products, as mentioned above, have many upsides, but they certainly have downsides as well.

Therefore, it’s crucial that you first explore all your options carefully before choosing and installing a stairlift.

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