5 Best Private Jet Packages in North Carolina

The best private jet packages in North Carolina tailor their services to suit your travel needs. Some providers sell fractional ownership, while others sell blocks of hours. Other models are pay-as-you-fly, while others offer flat rates for unlimited access. The costs are dependent on the airline or membership model that you choose.

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The best private jet packages in North Carolina incorporate unique flying options to suit your needs. You also get various membership options, from jet cards, shared ownership, partnerships, leasing, and many more.
Private jet’s prices manifest according to the aircraft type you choose, the distance you need to travel, and how long you take before you return. In addition, the cost of a private jet flight depends on whether you are traveling on a light jet or a super mid-size jet and the number of passengers.
Given the current changes due to the effects of COVID-19, private air travel is preferable for your family’s health and safety. With a private jet, you get to travel with a few passengers with limited staff onboard. In addition, you get the benefit of avoiding busy airport terminals. Furthermore, airplanes get disinfection before and after trips.

Types of Private Jet Charter Models

Private Jet providers package their services differently. For example, some companies offer fractional ownership that allows you to purchase a percentage of the aircraft. With a fractional share, you get unlimited hours, savings of 25% 30% per hour, easy flight booking, and a dedicated services team.

The second option is blocks of time sold in portions. In this case, you will assess your travel needs in terms of hours and usage that you require and then purchase a block of hours. Again, the arrangement is beneficial in lowering your total costs per hour.

Pay-as-you fly is a typical arrangement that is less appealing because of its lack of ownership rights. In addition, this model does not guarantee space availability.
A flat-rate payment for unlimited access and usage is most appealing but might impact the private company’s stability. However, costs of operations may deter such packages.

Outline of the Best Private Jet Packages in North Carolina

JSX is competitive, starting at $99 and with flights capped at 30 people. It does not operate on fixed-base operators’ private terminals or hangars. It means that you will avoid the airport by boarding through a remote terminal elsewhere.
JSX secures aircraft through TSA secure flight. Airfare at off-peak season is competitive, and you get onboard snacks, drinks, and checked bags.
SetJet is a membership-based provider and is available for pre-approved members who pay monthly fees of $99.95 plus a one-off of $99.95 for security screening. Its membership requires you to be a resident of the U.S. with a passport or valid driver’s license issued domestically.
It operates through private terminals, and you can fly on the Bombardier Challenger 850/CRJ 200 and CRJ 900 that are customized to carry 15 to 19 passengers. The interior finishing of the plane is akin to luxury hotels suites, while pilots are military-trained with adequate experience.
Wheels Up
You can book available planes on demand through their app and choose either King Air 350i, Cessna Citation Excel/XLS, or Cessna Citation X. The aircraft has a ten-seat capacity. You can access amenities on demand, and if you have their membership, you can access benefits at Wine Access, Waldorf hotels, and many other benefits.
To get a membership with Wheels Up, you pay a once-off initiation fee of $2,995 for connecting membership. Renewal is after two years and costs $2495. As a member, you get discounted pricing snacks, drinks, pets’ arrangements, checked bags, and access to partner perks, including special pricing on resorts.
Passengers flying the same route can share costs on flight legs through the community messaging feature. Members can also book seats on empty leg trips.
SurfAir provides a $199 a month membership, whereas unlimited flying membership calls for $999/month. Travelers can book on-demand to more than 5000 regional and international airports. You may book a flight via a mobile app.
The blade has in stock a fleet of jets and turboprops, helicopters, and seaplanes. This diversity is unique and caters to a variety of travelers. No membership is required. You can download their app and book individual seats on a scheduled flight or book your private charter.

Final Submission

A private flight arrangement with the best private jet packages in North Carolina can be cheaper in the long run and eliminates the hassle of long queues and crowded airports. In addition, boarding at private hangars, coupled with low passenger and crew count, provides social distancing.

You can acquire aircraft through chartering on flights or taking a seat on the publicly available semi-private jet flight. Semi-private flights cost less than if you were to charter a private flight, which costs more.

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