6 Best Private Jet Packages in Georgia

The travel industry is fast changing in line with current technological trends. Ticketing and booking are now automated with the assistance of AI. The pandemic has shaped the way people travel, thus bringing in a new dimension of social distancing. The effect has witnessed new flying options from the best private jet packages in Georgia.

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The best private jet packages in Georgia incorporates unique flying options to suit your needs. In addition, you are offered various membership options, from jet cards, shared ownership, partnerships, leasing, and many more options.

Pricing of private jets considers the type of aircraft you choose, the distance you need to travel, and how long you take before you return. In addition, the cost of a private jet flight depends on whether you are traveling on a very light jet or a super mid-size jet.

Given the current changes due to the pandemic, private air travel benefits your family’s health and safety. With a private jet, you get to travel with the people you know and with limited staff onboard. You get the benefit of avoiding busy airport terminals. Airplanes are thoroughly disinfected before and after trips.

Types of Private Jet Charter Models

Private Jet providers package their services differently. For example, some companies offer fractional ownership, where you purchase a percentage of the aircraft. With a fractional share, you get unlimited hours, savings of 25% 30% per hour, easy flight booking, and dedicated owner services, team.
The second option is blocks of time sold in predetermined portions. The client will assess the travel needs in terms of hours and usage they require, then purchase a block of hours. The arrangement is beneficial in lowering your total costs per hour.
Pay-as-you fly is a typical arrangement that is less appealing because of its lack of ownership rights. In addition, this model does not guarantee space availability.
A flat-rate payment for unlimited access and usage is most appealing. Still, it might impact the private company’s stability because of the maintenance and labor costs required to run the fleet.

Outline of the Best Private Jet Packages in Georgia

With a fleet of more than 750 jets worldwide, Net Jets is the largest private jet company. By choosing NetJets, you get unique options in their share ownership program, such as NetJets share, NetJets lease, NetJets card, and Corporate Angel Card.
NetJets offers the following options: NetJets Card, which guarantees a minimum of 25 hours to be used over 24 months by users who fly less than 50 hours per year.
NetJets Lease is available if you are not interested in part ownership but plan to fly over 50 hours per year. The term of the lease is 24 to 60 months.
NetJets Share is available if you plan to fly 50 hours annually and want to own a portion of the aircraft. All these benefits take into account the number of years that you fly per year. The benefits of the program relate to aircraft type and availability.
You get certain rights, such as a surety that you will get your jet.
Wheels Up
Wheels Up employs the benefits of technology through an app by scheduling flights on short notice. In addition, the company offers packages that you must purchase beforehand. Such packages include:
Connect Membership with a one-time fee of $2995 and annual fees of $2,495. A Core Membership plan goes for $17,500 with a renewal of $8,500 after two years. The Business Membership goes for $29,500 with the renewal of $14,500 after two years.
The above plans come with guaranteed availability of aircraft from the company’s fleet.
Delta Private Jets
Delta Private Jets offers Jet Card membership, on-demand charters, and a fleet of over 70 aircraft. Its Jet Card membership starts at $150,000 with no initiation and annual fees. Additionally, Delta has partnered and combined its services with Wheels Up to reap cross-platform benefits.
VistaJet offers its fleet of private jets. The company does not charge aircraft positioning fees for their members in their program. Furthermore, VistaJet operates 70Global and Challenger Jets and serves 187 countries worldwide.
VistaJet has got unmatched experience in flying to hardest-to-reach destinations. VistaJet has also facilitated flights from heads of state, corporate leaders, business and private individuals.
Flexjet Red Label
With Flexjet, you get fractional ownership options, leasing, Jet Card, Corporate Solutions, and World Access. Flexjet provides a dedicated manager and a personalized crew for future business relations. In addition, you are offered a mobile app and access to private terminals.
Jet Linx
If you are looking for a company that serves your individual needs, Jet Linx provides a known local team, local planes, and pilots to serve you. Their services are city-specific, achieved by their 800 floating fleet and terminal locations in 19 cities across the U.S.
Jet Linx offers membership packages of Jet Card, Open Seat Exchange (flight-sharing), and One Way Specials.

Wrapping Up

Getting the best private jet packages in Georgia depends on your unique requirements. Your reasons for flying private have a direct impact on the package offered by the charter companies. Aside from safety, comfort, convenience, and privacy, other factors, including the pandemic, have influenced how we travel.

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