An MBA Degree: 10 Very Good Reasons to Get It

Perhaps you’re wondering if an MBA degree is worth the hype or if it is worth the investment. Before you decide, you should know that having an MBA degree is a big deal in the business world. Companies are ready to hire MBA degree holders for positions with great responsibility and equally attractive pay.

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Even though the business world is competitive, MBA degree holders are at an advantage. A few reasons for this are addressed below.

1. Extensive Business Networking Opportunities

While enrolled in an MBA program, you will have encounters with people in your field and have incredible networking opportunities. There will be interactions between you and your tutors and professors, as well as business people armed with years of experience invited to pass lessons across. You will also have access to alumni of the program, which allows you to strike conversations with them, learn from their experiences, get tips, invitations to business events, and connections to various companies and industries. These networking opportunities help you succeed in the business world.

2. Career Change and Advanced Business Opportunities

Many students take the program to advance to a managerial position or change industries altogether because of the versatility and diversity it offers. If you are changing careers, it is better if you had a clear picture of the job and industry you plan to settle in after graduation so you can pick the right MBA degree and work towards specific goals. Graduates of MBA programs also have higher or better chances of having successful careers in the industry. The MBA qualification gives them an upper hand in the workplace. They also hold management positions like board director or senior manager. Big companies like Apple, Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, Facebook, JP Morgan, and so on hire MBA graduates.

3. Advanced Management Skills

Taking the MBAs help in the development of management skills that help keep a successful company. During an MBA, skills like improved leadership, critical thinking, decision making, networking, advertisement, and promotion of the company and its services are developed. These skills and more are used to develop the ability to adapt to changes in the industry that may sometimes be unfavorable. You will be able to use harsh business environments to your and the company’s advantage.

4. Part-Time and Online Study Options

Studying online is great for you if your main concern is convenience or flexibility. You can study for an online MBA degree while engaging in other important activities. Education does not have to be a hindrance to your personal life. An online MBA helps to ensure that by giving you control over your schedule, study calendar, and control over your study pace. There’s no fear in taking an online course as online courses receive the same recognition and validity as on-campus courses. These courses from trusted instructions are also accredited. Studying an MBA online also means you have a reduction in tuition fees as you’re not going to be paying for transportation, accommodation, or any other bills that come with studying on campus.

5. Myriad of Specialized Fields to Suit Your Goals

There are a lot of areas to specialize in business, and MBAs provide that. Schools and universities have set the programs up to teach experts to specialize in specific business areas while giving you the same basic foundation. Examples of these specifications in high demand include strategic management, general management, operations management, human resources, finance, international business, marketing, IT management, consulting, and entrepreneurship. Some schools also offer dual specializations, which makes you more appealing to employees. Schools offering these types of MBAs include Loughborough University, the UK, James Madison University, the US, University of Wolverhampton, the UK, etc.

6. One of the Highest Paying Job Sectors in the Labor Market

A master’s degree in business administration guarantees high income. The income from a job gotten with this degree is much higher than the salaries of workers who have regular master’s degrees. An MBA also guarantees job security. These advantages likely won’t be realized with regular undergraduate degrees. Industries like financial services, healthcare, technology, consulting, consumer packaged goods, and others are examples of the highest paying jobs for people holding MBAs. The average salary earned by an MBA degree holder in the US is $102,100 per year. In the UK, it is $92,400 per year. In Canada, Australia and Switzerland, it is $99,800, $98,400 and $123,500 respectively.

7. Ease of Passing

An MBA or any degree, no matter how advanced, is only as difficult as you make it. Develop a habit of assessing things you see as tricky and find creative ways to solve them. This is one of the things you learn in the course of an MBA program.
Students are skeptical about enrolling because they think it is going to be too difficult for them. In reality, it is most likely untrue. Have a positive outlook on the courses and enjoy the journey to bagging a degree.

8. Option to Study Anywhere in the World

If you decide to take your degree abroad, there’s a bunch of benefits you’ll gain from that as well. A degree outside your country means you would be exposed to a whole new perspective you probably wouldn’t have seen if you stayed in your country. These new perspectives will help you understand how business is handled in other places, and you are also able to broaden your cultural horizon in the course of learning. You also get to meet professionals and network who add to your wealth of knowledge.
The best countries to get a business administration degree with lots of specializations are the US, the UK, France, Australia, China, and Singapore.

9. Older Students are Accepted

In the course of admission into the MBA program, schools don’t consider age while selecting candidates. Schools like UCLA, Havard, and HEC Paris admit students higher or lower than 40, 27, and 29 respectively. Age is not a barrier to getting an MBA degree.
The thing that might make it seem as though are were of importance would be full-time job experience. Not many young students have years and years of experience, but older applicants mostly do because they have been in the job market for a longer time. Older students with good GMAT scores should have no problems with the admission process as long as they meet the school’s admission requirements.

10. A Great Way to Start Your own Company from Scratch
Many people enroll in an MBA program to gain knowledge and experience to start their own business. These aspiring entrepreneurs learn how to start, grow, and expand a business with the aid of experts. If this describes you, you can achieve this with the assistance of MBA professors with experience who can show you the ropes and guide you in your journey to becoming a business owner. While in school, you can also pitch your ideas to like-minded colleagues and see if they are interested in your vision. Building a start-up is easier this way. An MBA is a great opportunity for building a successful business.

With all these reasons and the wealth of advantage you get as a degree holder, don’t hold back on educating yourself. Your age doesn’t matter, and neither does your location. The possible obstacles to you getting an MBA have solutions, so apply to your school of choice today.

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