Best 5G Phone Deals for Seniors in 2022

The world of smart phones has entered into the express lane with the advent and expansion of new 5G (meaning 5th generation) network technology. 5G allows users to surf the internet at blazing fast speeds, including ultra high quality video streaming and super fast downloads. However, only phones that are 5G compatible will get these benefits.

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Lots of people are excited about the new 5G phones, including seniors. Seniors for many years now have been avid users of smart phones and lots of them are very attached to these phones, as they often are their main link to the outside world. Therefore, having a way to have a more enjoyable and exciting experience while using their smart phones is a definite attraction for many seniors.

However, until very recently, 5G compatible smart phones were usually very expensive. This presented a financial obstacle for seniors. Now, thanks to the increased supply and variety of 5G phones, combined with very brisk competition among the phone makers and the cell phone service providers – there are very attractive deals on buying a new 5G phone. Plus, major service providers who already have good track records with dealing with customers who are seniors all are offering 5G service in most major areas of the country. Below are listed the best deals on new 5G phones for seniors in 2022.

Apple iPhone SE (2022)

This brand that has many fanatic users all around the world also has some fans who are seniors. It’s been a couple of years since Apple introduced the latest networking protocol to its flagship line, only now bringing the technology to its more budget-friendly iPhone SE line with the device’s third edition. This new lower price Apple iPhone not only is 5G compatible, it is also priced at only $430 through the famous and widely used T-Mobile cell service provider company. This price makes it easily the cheapest 5G option for iPhone fans. Other features of this phone include having the same processor chip as Apple’s latest flagships for a fraction of the price and easy access to using touch ID instead of facial ID, which many seniors prefer.

Google Pixel 5a with 5G

The makers of the famous Android operating system, offers this price friendly 5G phone to their lineup. In addition to its attractive price of $450, this Pixel phone will please seniors with its large and clear screen and ease of use. It also provides a reliable and user friendly camera (great for taking those pictures of the grand kids) and a large battery that can stay charged for two whole days for many users. Plus, it has a high quality and up to date processor chip.

Motorola One 5G Ace

Motorola is one of the original and oldest makers of cell phones and offers this new 5G model that is available for a fantastic price of $300 or even less! And although it is classified as a budget phone, it has great features and performance. Simply put, it’s a good value for the money and its large 6.7-inch display feels good in one hand. The camera system works easily and provides good results. Overall, this phone feels and looks like a flagship model at a fraction of the cost. Plus, this model provides a generous 6GB of memory with 128GB of storage and microSD card support of up to 1TB.

OnePlus Nord N20 5G

If you are, or become, a customer of T-Mobile – you can grab this very nice phone for only $282. Surprisingly, the N20 5G comes reasonably close to its $899 sibling, the OnePlus 10 Pro, with some hardware similarities. These includes the screen size and resolution, a Qualcomm Snapdragon Series chipset, and a very similar front-facing camera. Visually, you won’t find a similarly priced phone that beats the N20 5G, with its thinness and matte-textured body. Plus, the 6.34-inch AMOLED screen delivers a sharp and color-accurate image.

Samsung Galaxy A13

This truly bargain 5G phone is priced at only $249 and is compatible with both the AT&T and T-Mobile 5G networks in the US. Even with this very low price, the Galaxy A13 has a strong 90Hz refresh rate display that offers smoother motion than many more expensive models, plus a sturdy Gorilla Glass 3 screen. Also, this phone is from Samsung, one of the largest and most respected smart phone companies – and not a cheap Chinese knock-off phone.

Samsung Galaxy A53 5G

This Samsung 5G model has been rated by some as the very best 5G phone available for under $500. The A53 offers a very vivid 6.5-inch screen with a state of the art 120Hz refresh rate, paired with clear dual speakers. It has a distinctive design, durability, and features of higher priced smartphones like a MicroSD card slot and 3.5mm headphone jack. Plus, all of this comes at a price of only $449.99. And of course, it comes from the world class manufacturer Samsung.

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