Best Digital Marketing Online Jobs

Marketing has been around for a very long time, ever since the start of business and organization enterprises. Traditional marketing still today exists in the “physical” world – but it also now has evolved into the “digital” world. This new type of marketing is categorized as “digital marketing” and it operates in the universe of the internet.

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Just like traditional marketing, digital marketing is comprised of many different areas and roles. Each of these areas requires various skilled personnel, thus there are a variety of jobs in this field. Also, because of the growth of online business, the number of these jobs has also grown and there is a high demand for digital marketing personnel.

Another interesting and beneficial aspect of digital marketing jobs, is that they are by nature (internet and computer focused) compatible in being done remotely – meaning work from home. This has even become more pertinent due to the COVID epidemic, which caused many companies to make many of their jobs remote – including digital marketing positions. Therefore, while not all of these types of jobs are available on a remote basis, many of them are. Following a discussion below of suggested skills necessary to be successful in this field, is a list of the best specific remote based digital marketing jobs.

Important Skills To Have

The more of the following skills and knowledge you have, the higher your chances of securing a job and succeeding as a remote digital marketer.

– Writing and Editing: Although the presence of video and graphics grabs most of attention in the digital universe, written content – words – still make up a majority of the digital universe.

– Technical Skills: A good familiarity and at least some experience with various software, applications and other digital tools, such as Google Analytics and Photoshop.

– Design Skills: Strong visuals are a key part of digital marketing; therefore you should have some ability to design and correct various visual elements.

Content Specialists

Since ‘content is king’, this type of position is a central role in any agency or digital marketing team as it touches on almost all levels of digital marketing. Content specialists create and edit content for websites, social media platforms, email, or other digital marketing channels. They need to effectively create and edit content that is properly SEO-optimized. This position can lead to a position as a content manager, who make over $60,000 per year.

Digital Marketing Specialist

This position is a broad based one, using the different areas of digital marketing work to be able to create effective campaigns. This role involves creating and executing digital campaigns across various digital marketing channels. Some of the day to day responsibilities of a digital marketing specialist include creating ads, reviewing and analyzing data, monitoring social media platforms, and optimizing websites.

SEO Specialist

This job entails designing and managing search engine campaigns and requires an extensive understanding of how search engines work and what techniques to use to boost a website’s or social media site’s search engine rankings. Most businesses and organizations need to rank high on search engine results, so they need people with expertise in this area. Typical tasks include researching keywords, optimizing content, and reviewing performance. Entry level salary for this position is around $50,000 per year.

Social Media Specialists

A big part of digital marketing that really didn’t exist in traditional marketing is what is called social media, such as Facebook and Instagram. This area behaves and runs differently than other parts of the internet and digital universe, thus requiring specialists. This job is responsible for increasing brand awareness, engagements, and conversions through social media channels. This position can lead to becoming a social media manager, who create and oversee all the company’s or agency’s social media campaigns. A successful social media manager will know how to reach the right target audience and how to create content to engage them.

Email Marketing Specialist

This is a specialized area of content development and marketing and people in this position usually have experience in copywriting and editing. A successful email marketing specialist needs to be able to write persuasively and understand how to create an effective email marketing strategy. Since this job is mostly a lead-generating activity, it requires working in cooperation with digital marketing managers and content managers. The average salary for this position is around $57,000 per year.

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