Best Online Degrees That You Can Finish In 1 Year

The world of higher education has become much more accessible in recent times thanks to what is called “distance education”, which is remote learning via the internet. At first, such remote learning available was mostly various courses and classes. However, thanks to improved internet and computer technology, now there are many online degrees.

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Online learning is of course more accessible and convenient compared to traditional attendance at a physical campus. But some people still have an obstacle even with online learning – namely time. Many of them just can’t take on a degree program that is going to take many years to complete. This may be due to personal factors or even financial ones; some need to get that degree as fast as possible so they can get or even keep a job.

While the great majority of college degree programs, both online and physical, take at least two years to complete – there are some programs that can be completed in just one year. The schools that offer these kind of degree programs are progressive in their approach that allows this kind of program, usually called an “accelerated degree”. The main ways they do this is by allowing course completion and starting without calendar constraints; giving college credits for past work and life experience; and allowing students to get credit by passing a test instead of taking a whole course. Any prior college credits you already have can accelerate the program even more. Listed below are the best online degree programs that can be completed in one year.

Ivy Tech Community College

This school offers an accelerated online Associate of General Studies degree. The degree’s 60 credit curriculum covers subjects such as communications, public speaking, mathematics, biology, chemistry, art, and psychology. Ivy is known to have high academic standards, so getting this degree usually will well prepare you to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree afterwards if you wish to. Tuition cost is reported at around $9,000.

Purdue Global University

Purdue, formerly Kaplan University, offers an accelerated online Associate of Applied Science in Fire Science degree. This degree program is designed specifically for those looking to become a firefighter or pursue a profession that enables them to assist in emergency situations involving fire. The curriculum includes fire codes, fire safety inspections, and theory of firefighting and fire prevention. Reported tuition is $371 per credit.

Mercy College

This college offers an accelerated online Bachelor of Science in Organizational Management degree. This is normally a four year program that Mercy allows you to complete in just one year. This program covers all the basics of business and focuses on management principles and practices. This is an excellent degree choice for someone who is looking to get a new management job or promotion at their current employer. Total tuition for the program is reported at around $90,000.

California Baptist University

CBU offers an accelerated online Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Technology degree. This program provides its students with knowledge and skills in a wide variety of computer technology disciplines, including internet applications, databases, networking applications, programming, project management, and computer security. Students get hands on practice in virtual labs and remote testing options. Tuition is reported at around $600 per credit.

Western Governors University

This university offers a variety of accelerated online bachelor’s degree programs. WGU is very committed to “competency based education”, meaning you can test for credit in lieu of completing a course and can finish courses at any point of time by passing an exam. Their degree programs are in the following four areas: Business, Health and Nursing, Information Technology, and Teaching.

Trine University

Trine offers an accelerated online Master of Science in Criminal Justice degree. Curriculum of this program includes courses in criminology, forensic psychology, and law enforcement and operations. Career opportunities for graduates of this program include social work, corrections, law enforcement, law operations, investigation and forensics. This is an excellent degree choice for those with prior law enforcement experience or undergraduate criminal justice education. Program tuition cost is reported at around $14,000.

Southern New Hampshire University

This university offers an accelerated online Master of Science in Psychology degree. Graduates of this program are given a thorough understanding of psychological theory and practice. Students have the ability to choose from three different concentrations within the psychology field. These include child and adolescent development psychology, forensic psychology, and industrial-organizational theory and practice. Program cost is reported at around $23,000.

Other Considerations

The above degree programs are truly accelerated degrees. These are not to be confused with the numerous “degree completion” programs available, both traditional and online. Such completion programs require you to have completed significant prior college work. Accelerated programs do not require such college credits to transfer in to get a faster degree.

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