Best Online Forensics Degree Program

Forensic science is undeniably an interesting and intriguing field of study. It is a field that challenges you every day, makes you think outside the box, and requires specialized skills. If all this sounds great to you, consider applying for an online forensics degree in this field.

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Not only is it going to be at your own convenient pace, but it is also quite cheaper than traditional schooling options.
Keep reading to see the best handpicked online forensics degree programs available for you.

Why Should You Choose an Online Forensics Degree?

An online degree is an easy and convenient way to get an education. This way, you’re well-informed about the latest developments and trends in forensic science whenever and wherever you want to.
Universities and colleges offering distance learning programs are your best bet at this. You’re able to learn on your terms and in your own time; you have access to courses whenever you want and you can complete and turn in tasks and assignments at any convenient time.
Upon graduation, with a degree in hand, you can get access to mentally rewarding and lucrative roles by putting your problem-solving skills to good use.
A few of the best things forensics scientists enjoy in their field of work are thrilling workplace challenges and salaries higher than that of college graduates.
In addition to these perks, a graduate with a forensics science degree can choose any of these disciplines to major in; general forensics, criminalistics, odontology, anthropology, engineering and applied sciences, psychiatry and behavioral sciences, jurisprudence, digital and multimedia sciences, toxicology, pathology, and questioned documents.

How to Choose a Forensics Degree Online

Before choosing an online forensics program, there some factors you should consider.

This differs for institutions. Save more money on your education by enrolling in an online degree program offering rates on fees and tuition. You should also select an institution that lets you transfer a large number of credits as this helps you reduce costs.

Ensure that the university or college you’re considering enrolling in is accredited. This is very important because accreditation is equivalent to recognition. That is, it helps employers know whether you earned your degree at a reputable institution.
Having a degree from a non-accredited institution will leave employers in doubt of your knowledge, skills, and ability to perform the job duties. This leads to them being reluctant to hire you.

Class Population
The number of students taking the course with you in the same class matters as this may affect your learning experience. The larger the class, the more difficult it will be to get responses to your questions and requests. For instance, if you’re stuck trying to understand a particular concept, it will be difficult to get the assistance you need with the tutor having tons of other students to answer to.
To get the most out of your forensic science online degree, make sure your class so consists of about as small as 20 students to make the most out of the lecture.

Available Jobs for You After Completing Your Forensics Degree

Here are a few of the best jobs in forensic waiting for forensics science degree holders.

Crime Scene Investigator
Crime scene investigators specialize in gathering evidence from crime scenes. Their work requires extreme attention to detail and the goal is to collect every single piece of possible evidence that could solve a case.
If you choose this line of work, you’ll collect DNA and bodily fluids from crime scenes as well as fingerprints and weapons. All these physical pieces of information are taken to the lab and scrutinized.
The average salary they receive is $46,335 per annum.

Forensic Science Technician
Forensic science technicians gather and analyze evidence from crime scenes to have more insight into the crime that occurred. Their skills are highly valued in criminal investigations. They work with toxicologists and odontologists in assessing evidence and compiling reports. If working in a lab, they will microscopically, biologically, and chemically analyze evidence.

If you work as a forensics science technician, you will earn an average annual salary of $58,230. When converted to hours, you’ll earn $27.99 per hour.

Forensic Analyst
Forensic analysts analyze evidence collected from crime scenes using proven scientific methods. Depending on the organization they work with, areas of specialization may vary. Some deal with DNA and blood splatter analysis while others are focused on cybercrime.
If you choose this career path, you’ll be spending a lot of time conducting tests on all the different types of evidence found at crime scenes.
You’ll earn an average salary of $87,115 annually working as a forensic analyst.

Best Online Colleges Offering a Forensics Degree

This list includes our top choices for you to get an online forensic science degree.

Penn State World Campus
Penn State World Campus offers a Certificate in Nursing Forensic. With this program, you can land a job as a registered nurse. You learn how to identify abuse, neglect, non-compliance, and violence in healthcare settings.
To get your certification, you will need to complete the following courses:
– Violence and the Impact on Society
– Introduction to Forensic Nursing
– Forensic Evidence Collection and Preservation
– Seminar in Forensic Nursing
On completion of your program, you can work as a medical examiner nurse investigator, abuse nurse examiner, forensic clinical nurse specialist, legal nurse consultant, or emergency room forensic nurse.

Arizona State University
Get an online bachelor’s degree in forensic psychology at Arizona State University. You will be taught advanced studies in the neuroscientific and biological components of psychology.
At ASU, forensic psychology is a 120-hour program that requires you to pass core courses including psychology and law, abnormal psychology, forensic psychology, criminal law, and correctional psychology.
You can work as a mental health counselor, psychiatrist, health specialist, general counselor, neuropsychologist, clinical psychologist, or social worker using this degree.

Southern New Hampshire University
Southern New Hampshire University has an online offer for a Bachelor of Arts degree in forensic psychology. It prepares you for a career requiring you to carry out an investigative assessment and research and work in crime analytics.
To complete this degree, you will need to complete core courses in criminal and forensic psychology and two courses out of counseling process and techniques, social psychology, and sociology of crime and violence.
Forensic psychology encompasses courses that teach varying degrees of insanity, criminal profiling, eyewitness memory, and motives and patterns of criminal behavior.

Final Thoughts

Make choosing a forensic degree easier for yourself by choosing from our list of options. All institutions are accredited, have affordable tuition fees, and care about you excelling in each course.
Weigh your options and select the online forensics degree program that best suits your interest, goals, and budget. Follow these steps and you’ll be sure to have a great online learning experience.

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