Best Sunglasses To Buy Online For Women Over 50

Whether you wear them a lot or not, it’s undeniable that sunglasses are super cool and a big must – have fashion item for men and women of all ages. Additionally, shades are also crucially important, as they protect our sensitive and fragile eyes from the sun’s damaging UV rays.

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However, if you’re part of the senior’s club, there’s a good chance that your eyes are gradually becoming weaker, have some wrinkles/fine lines, or are developing certain issues that require you to wear prescription eyeglasses for reading, watching TV, and other daily activities. Therefore, you may not want to wear typical sunglasses made for younger people that often lack quality and special features. You may be looking for shades specially made for those with certain eye conditions, such as cataracts or glaucoma.

Luckily, when the sun is beating down and shining ablaze, you can easily find prescription sunglasses that are structured to your specific optical needs and preferences. Plus, you’ll be happy to know that there is an array of these specialized sunglasses available online, including your choice of type, lens shapes, colors and styles. This means that you can fully protect your eyes, yet still look oh so snazzy on the go.

So grab your credit card, it’s time to shop for that perfect pair of shades. Listed below are some of the top rated sunglasses ideal for senior women online.

Fit Over – Polarized Sunglasses for Seniors

These Fit Over sunglasses cover your reading and prescription glasses, while protecting you from harmful UV rays all in one. These sunglasses are a fantastic and convenient choice that you can have installed over your prescription eyeglasses. Thus, you won’t have to switch between your eyeglasses and sunglasses all the time.

The lenses are also polarized to protect you against glare and UV rays. As an added bonus, A yellow night lens is included in the set for nighttime driving, plus side lenses for full, clear viewing and added protection. The style is also considered unisex, so it looks great on both women and men.

Typical Price Online: $16.00

Ray-Ban – Justin – Polarized Sunglasses for Seniors

Treat your eyes and your looks to this pair of quality Ray-Ban wayfarer style sunglasses for seniors that are totally polarized. Ray-Bans are a bit pricier than other brands of sunglasses, but they’re super high quality and look so hip with anything you wear. Ray-Bans are a very popular brand and commonly worn by people of all ages, especially with the younger crowd. However, this particular sunglasses model is made for seniors, is very fashionable and designed to be worn over prescription eyeglasses.

But the benefits don’t stop there. The design is also matte black colored, unisex, with a patented wayfarer shape, and they possess large rectangular lenses with durable plastic frames. The lenses are also polarized and UV protectant coated.

Typical Price Online: $160.00

VWE – Two Pairs – Reading Sunglasses For Senior Women

This is a stunning and super convenient set of two Bifocal reading and sunglasses from VWE, designed for mature ladies specifically. They are made of a plastic frame and lens, available in various colors, sizes and designs. And since you get two pairs, you can choose which one goes better with whatever outfit you may be wearing.

The lenses may be non-polarized, but they do offer 100% UV protection against UVA/UVB rays and can be worn on their own. Better yet, they are very lightweight and provide full coverage of your eyes and most of your upper face. These shades are perfect for reading at the beach.

Typical Price Online: $16.95

Yodo – Fit Over Sunglasses for Seniors

The Yodo Fit Over Glasses are ideal for wearing over your prescription glasses or lenses. Yodo’s are made with super strong polycarbonate frames and Triacetate lenses. There are a few sizes and various color options available for you to choose from. And yes, these sunglasses from Yodo are also polarized and offer your eyes full protection. And mature women love them too. So it’s definitely a two thumbs up.

Typical Price Online: $19.90

Eagle Eyes – FitOn Sunglasses for Seniors

The Eagle Eyes Fit Ons are yet another great sunglasses option, ideal for use with prescription lenses. With a name like Eagle Eyes, it’s no wonder that these sunglasses are a hit. It’s made with a durable Techlon Polycarbonate frame and Polycarbonate lenses that are fully polarized. The durability makes them resistant to damage if they get dropped by accident. Additionally, it includes a UV protective coating and wide lens width. Versatile and sporty, these sunglasses are available in a number of color schemes.

Typical Price Online: $59.95

Cover-Ups – Black Fit Over – Sunglasses for Seniors

If super large glasses are what you’re into, then this is the one for you. These large style cover-up sunglasses fit neatly over all your prescription glasses. They offer improved protection in comparison to other brands and have closed wrapping sides.

These unusual sunglasses ensure excellent UV 400 protection with non-polarized lenses, so your eyes will feel comfortable and right at home no matter what you’re doing outside. As an added bonus, they’re also made with durable, break-resistant acetate material, so they won’t break easily.

Typical Price Online: $12.00

Final Thoughts

Society might dictate that fashion and style has to change as we age, but that’s complete nonsense. You really can keep rocking those shades at any age, and you should. Because you deserve it and owe it to yourself.

Because buying online comes with its share of possible risks and issues, always remember to check the shipping, return and exchange policies of the online store of your choice before you make your purchase.