Best Weight Loss Meal Delivery Services

In today’s very busy world, it is a challenge for many people to eat healthy, even when they are at home with their own kitchen. For people trying to lose weight, this challenge is extra difficult and can present a real risk to their overall health, not just their appearance.

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So many people have so little extra time and energy after their work and family responsibilities, that the ability to keep a healthy diet is next to impossible. The required food shopping, finding the right (healthy) foods, bringing it all home and then the preparation and cooking just requires too much time and energy. For those wanting to lose weight, the temptation just to eat fast and easy is just too great.

Due to this situation, many companies now offer “convenience food” that is actually healthy for you – unlike foods under the same category usually found in supermarkets. Better yet, many of these companies not only provide healthy meals, but those that are designed to help you lose weight as well. This is done by meal delivery services – that deliver this food (usually in meals) right to your door. Plus, most of these delivered meals are packaged and ready to reheat or quick cook right in your kitchen. These services have websites where you select and order the meals you want, then they deliver them to you. The best of these meal delivery services that offer special meals to help you lose weight are listed below.


They are one of the most affordable services, offering 28 different dishes providing a nice variety of meal types. Their web site is easy to use as is placing your orders. Their meals are tagged with labels like “low calorie” and “low carb,” making sticking to your weight loss plan simple. Preparation is also simple as many of the meals only require one pot or pan to make. Their prices start at $5.00 per meal and they service the 48 states.

Fresh n’ Lean

They offer a very large variety of meal plans and types of meals. They have meals that follow almost every major type of diet including Protein+, Keto, Paleo, Vegan, Low Carb Vegan, and Whole30. Their menu includes over 60 separate dishes covering a wide variety of food types. Some of their meals are: Stir fry vegetables with braised beef, Red pepper-infused salmon and veggies, and Vegetables con pollo. They deliver their meals in refrigerated packages, fully ready to easily reheat. They service all 50 states and their prices start at $8.00 per meal.


Offering an incredible 3,000+ recipes via their meal kits, you won’t get bored with Hungryroot. Their meal recipes accommodate over 10 different types of dietary restrictions and most of their meals only require 10 minutes or less of cooking time. They are committed to selling high-quality, nutrient-dense foods, but also offer a variety of high-protein, low-calorie snacks. They service the 48 states and prices start at $9.50 per meal.


Specializing in vegan food that is organic, Sakara caters to a specialized and demanding niche in the market. The emphasis is on proper nutrients to stay healthy and lose weight, not counting calories. Every meal is rich in a variety of nutrients from organic vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, and other plant-based ingredients. Plus, the meals are rich in the macronutrients required to support healthy weight loss. They offer over 15 meals, completely ready to heat and serve. They service the 48 states and prices start at $26.50 per meal.

Snap Kitchen

Snap specializes in the Keto diet, offering over 35 fresh, refrigerated meals, fully ready to heat and eat. Their meals are designed by staff registered dietitians, plus they are free from gluten, soy, preservatives, artificial sweeteners, and added hormones. These meals are under 600 calories and high in protein (over 20 grams per dish), making this an excellent choice for weight loss. Prices start at $11.35 per meal.

Splendid Spoon

This cutely named company caters to vegetarians. Their meals comprise over 65 recipes and come refrigerated and completely ready to heat and eat. A nice feature is that their meals freeze nicely. Their recipes tend to be high-protein meals with low calorie counts, a benefit for those looking to lose weight. A specialty of this company is a variety of smoothies, soups and grain bowls. They service the 48 states and prices start at $65 for a multi-meal plan package.


Sunbasket is committed to being ecologically friendly and responsible, in addition to using only the healthiest and highest quality ingredients. They offer carb-conscious, clean and lean, and paleo meals that make weight management simple with wholesome and tasty food. They service 46 states and prices start at $10.00 per meal.


If you are looking to lose weight but are on a gluten free diet, then Trifecta is the choice for you. All their meals are ready to heat and eat and are designed by their staff registered dieticians. In addition to being gluten free, they are also peanut free. They also provide a special app to provide coaching assistance to those on a weight loss regimen. Their Clean Meal Plan specializes in weight loss and they service all 50 states. Prices start at $13 per meal.

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