Dry Eye Solutions Best For You in 2022

Do you feel like something’s in your eye, but nothing’s there? Then you may have dry eye. Dry eye disease is a common and very irritating condition with a variety of possible symptoms. Both men and women can have it at any age, but it’s more prevalent in women… Let’s see what we can do about it!

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Dry eye, also known as blepharitis, is the result of a significant imbalance of the three vital layers of your tears, and a lack of balance regarding all the different parts of your eye that serve a specific function, such as the tear ducts that protect your eyes and wash away debris. This imbalance can be caused by several factors, such as lack of Vitamin A, hormone imbalance, mites or bacteria on your eyelids, allergic reaction to certain cosmetics, various health conditions, poor lifestyle and more.

Symptoms Of Dry Eye

Dry eye symptoms vary from person to person, but the most common ones are redness, chronic eye fatigue, inflammation, itchiness, stinging/burning of the cornea, and lack of/ excessive tear production. Unfortunately, there is still no complete cure for this condition. If left untreated too long, dry eye can impact your everyday life, and will eventually lead to permanent eye impairment and damage.

If you strain your eyes too much in your daily activities, don’t keep a healthy and balanced diet, use makeup that causes allergic reactions and don’t clean your eyes and face before going to sleep at night, your chances of developing dry eye increase.

It’s also highly recommended to keep your home free of common allergic irritants, such as mold, and invest in a room humidifier that will moisturize the air and purify it of dust and other tiny particles.

Luckily, on top of that, there are other many ways you can treat and alleviate the pain and discomfort of dry eye on a daily basis, so your symptoms don’t get worse over time. Some are easy and cheap, and some are not. But no need to fret, compiled below are some of the best, easiest and most affordable solutions for you.

Self-Care: Blink and Rest More Often

This is, by far, the most simple and sensible solution out there. Whether you’re reading, watching Netflix, using your smartphone, computer, or driving, don’t forget to blink more often. Not blinking frequently enough during the day will start or worsen your symptoms.

In addition, be sure to make a conscious effort to rest and relax your eyes every now and then during your day by closing your eyes and using a hot compress. You can use warm wet pieces of paper towel or herbal tea bags. DO NOT put the same paper towel or tea bag on both eyes, because if you have any germs or viruses in one eye, you will inadvertently infect your other eye in the process. Its always smartest and safest to use two pieces or two tea bags and use them separately.

Dietary Supplement: Vitamin A

Vitamin A is vital for your eye’s health and protection. Vitamin A deficiency will jumpstart or worsen your dry eye symptoms. So, next time you go to your local supermarket or health food store, load your wagon with foods rich in Vitamin A, such as carrots, fortified skim milk, and various orange and yellow fruits and vegetables.

If your diet restricts those particular foods, you can find Vitamin A supplements or Vitamin A enriched eyedrops in your local drugstore, specially made to treat dry eye.

Over-The-Counter: Eyelid Wash

Eyelid washes, such as Hypochlorous acid wash (Avenova) or Tea Tree Foam (Cliradex) can reduce eyelid inflammation by reducing the amount of bacteria and eyelid mites that live near your eyelids and lashes. These mites and bacteria multiply, and if left unchecked, they will cause a buildup of toxins in your eyes, which makes them drier. These medications also help your eyes feel fresher. The best time to use the wash/foams is at night, when your eyes are not being strained.

Doctor’s Prescription: Medicated Eye Drops

Medications that contain corticosteroids, such as Xiidra, Restasis, Cequa and Ikervis, can help relieve inflammation in the cornea. Restasis and Xiidra normally take some time to take effect. Topical corticosteroids, such as fluormetholone, FML and Flarex, are usually used in short term doses to bring down inflammation. Please note that these medications are not over the counter. To obtain them, you will need a prescription from your eyecare doctor.

Online Product: ZocuShield Gel

This gel product fights and conquers dry eye, reportedly better than any other. It’s made from a vegetable called Okra. This exotic and not so familiar veggie can be super effective in keeping dry eye symptoms far away. Apply a tiny amount on your eyes and rub it in gently. It helps kill bacteria, reduce inflammation and discomfort, soothes your eyes and keeps the condition from worsening.


Your eyesight is extremely important for your everyday life. Therefore, you should do your best to keep your eyes as healthy and protected as possible. If your dry eye condition is moderate or severe, be sure to make an appointment with a trusted eyecare specialist who can give you more powerful forms of treatment.