Earning a Doctorate Degree Online Easily

Do you have a busy schedule but still want to take your education up a notch by earning a Ph.D.? An accelerated online doctorate degree is your answer to that.

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With an accelerated doctorate degree, you can cut the time usually spent by undergraduates and postgraduate students by half and graduate relatively faster. What’s better? You can achieve this by taking your courses online too.

If you’re wondering how to achieve this, go through this guide as it explains in detail how to go about your application and important information you should be aware of before applying.

How to Earn an Accelerated Doctorate Degree in One Year

To earn an accelerated doctorate degree stipulated for 12 months, certain things need to be done in an orderly fashion.

  • Research

In researching schools that offer your degree of choice, follow these steps:

  1. Find out schools offering the degree you want in an accelerated format.
  2. Make sure the educational requirements for admission into the program have been met.
  3. Find out the tuition fees.
  4. Calculate the overall cost of attendance while studying, and search for available financial aid options.
  5. Go through the other admission requirements and see if you can meet them.
  6. For your online participation in classes, check out the hardware and software requirements.
  7. Still, on the school’s requirements, find out if the program is hybrid, which will require you to be at the school in person, and determine if you will be available.
  8. Weigh your options on the type of doctoral degree you can pursue, as some take less time than others.
  9. Consider the requirement of a dissertation in the course of your doctorate program. This is because non-accelerated versions take up to eight years to complete, while accelerated ones take about three years.
  10. In place of a Ph.D. program that is research-based, consider other doctorate degree options with shorter commitment time that might suit you better.
  • Apply

Send an application to your university of choice.

  1. Pull up an application form on the school’s website or get a hard copy if that is what the school requires.
  2. Complete the application.
  3. Submit the necessary credentials requested by the school. This usually includes official transcripts and letters of recommendation, among others.
  4. Show proof of your completion of required credit hours.
  5. Pay all fees before the deadline.
  6. Apply for financial aid if needed.
  • Attendance At The Beginning Of The Year

As a result of the nature of accelerated programs, universities don’t follow the semester or quarterly statement. Instead, coursework is cut into shorter chunks that last between five and eight weeks.
In the first year of the doctorate program, students are introduced to the field’s basics, which helps them build a foundation for subsequent studies. With time, the courses become more advanced, and students are introduced to specialized electives. To finish up the coursework within the stipulated short time, students have to study and take classes throughout the year.

  • Graduation At The End Of The Year

For students to graduate, they need to complete all coursework and meet the credit requirements. They also need to submit a research project, which could be a dissertation. On completion of their research paper, they submit it for review and then defend their work. Provided all these conditions are met, they then graduate.

Fastest Online Doctorate Degrees

An accelerated online doctorate is the way to go for students who want to earn their degree within a short period. Some of these degrees include accelerated online MBA programs, nursing programs, business programs, accounting programs, MSW, and MSN programs. Some of these degree options are discussed below.

Accelerated Online Healthcare And Medical Doctorate Programs

Accelerated Online Doctorate Degree In Behavioural Health
A doctorate degree in behavioural health requires a master’s degree with a minimum of 3.0 GPA. Some programs require licensure in a healthcare profession that has been approved.
An accelerated online degree in this field typically takes 7.5 weeks for each class.
Examples of classes in this program include healthcare system and delivery, psychopharmacology, and legal, ethical, and professional issues.
Accelerated Online Doctorate Degree In Nursing Practice
Requirements for doctorate degree programs in nursing usually include supervised clinical internships that build the practitioner’s high-level skills in preparation for more advanced clinical work. Candidates are also required to have an active license and a good GPA.
The expected time of graduation is usually two years or less due to the flexibility of online courses or the authorization to take fewer courses.
Examples of courses include clinical information systems, epidemiology, and healthcare policy.
Accelerated Online Ph.D. In Psychology
A common requirement for an online doctorate in psychology is a master’s degree. A minimum of 3.0 GPA and the submission of letters of recommendation, GRE scores, and an essay are required.
Graduate students have the liberty of taking extra courses to finish faster, and they may be allowed to begin their dissertation earlier than is traditionally allowed. The program is completed in three years or less.
Courses include social psychology, lifespan development, and research theory, design, and methods.

Accelerated Online Doctorate Degree Programs For High Salary Careers

Accelerated Online Doctorate In Education
A minimum of 3.0 GPA, letters of recommendation, and satisfactory GRE scores are required. Additionally, applicants need a master’s in the field, professional education experience.
A Ph.D. in education can be earned in three years or less. Examples of classes to be taken are theories of educational leadership, curriculum theory, and advanced learning theory and research.
Accelerated Online Doctorate In Business Administration
Candidates applying for a doctorate degree in business administration will typically need to have many years of experience in the management field. A master’s degree may be required as well as a minimum GPA of 3.0.
Normal doctorate programs in business administration take six years, with dissertation inclusive, to complete. This time is cut in half, thereby making students graduate in three years or less.
Courses include ethics and social responsibility, organizational leadership, and organizational performance analysis.
With the help of this detailed guide on the application process and online doctorate options you have, take a bold step today and open yourself to more career opportunities.

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