Gutter Replacement: How Much Does It Cost to Replace Your Gutter And Why It’s Essential

The primary purpose of a gutter is to channel rain and water away from your home. When it is time for a gutter replacement, do not procrastinate because the problems associated with gutters tend to deteriorate with time.

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A proper gutter system includes a downspout set a few meters away from your home’s basement. This system is vital to your home’s health because it protects the foundation of your home by forestalling erosion and flooding. It also mitigates or prevents the damaging of your home’s paint, the growth of mildew & mold, and it protects the landscape of your home.

However, It would be wise of you to watch out for several signs that indicate the need to get a new gutter system. These signs include crack & splits, peeling paints, rust, and sagging gutters, which may be due to faulty internal hangers. A few of the plethora of problems associated with faulty or damaged gutter systems could be fixed but demands intensive repairs that won’t increase its longevity.

It would be wise of you if you considered installing a new gutter that would cost less than when you repair a damaged gutter intermittently.

What Factors Impact The Cost of Gutter Replacement

The cost of replacing a gutter is estimated based on linear foot; It can cost about $4 to $30 per linear foot. Most projects that involve gutter replacement cost about $1,600 to $2,175 depending on factors such as:

– The size of your house
– The type of material used
– The preferred gutter type

The size of your house:
The size and height of your home affect the cost of gutter installation because most companies charge per foot length. Hence, material price and labor cost are influenced by the size and height of your home. A home with a height that needs special equipment like ladders to get to its top requires additional expenses.
The type of material used:
The type of material you decide to use for your gutters has the most significant influence on the cost of gutter installation. Gutters can be made from materials such as vinyl, aluminum, wood, stainless steel, or copper. Amongst which, your choice would depend on a few factors that include your home aesthetics and other specific needs.


If you decide to use vinyl material for your home, the gutter will benefit you economically because it calls for an installation fee as low as $3 to $5 per foot.

It is susceptible to cracks, hence an early replacement.


If you subscribe to the use of vinyl-type material for your gutter, you are sure of longevity because It is durable.

Copper products are expensive and cost about $15 to $30 for their installation per linear foot.


Aluminum-made gutters are cheap and easy to install, costing between $4 to $7 per linear foot.

Aluminum made gutters are easily damaged by debris and wind; hence it has low durability.
Stainless steel

It has a high level of durability hence can last for a lifetime if properly maintained

It demands a great deal of maintenance
The installation of a stainless steel type of gutter is expensive, ranging from $9 to $20.

The preferred gutter type: There are two types of gutters, the seamless and the sectional type of gutter.

Seamless gutter type:

They generally have a low leak rate and demand little maintenance.
The installation of seamless gutters is easy and convenient.

Seamless gutters are more expensive

Sectional gutter type:

It is cheap

Installing a sectional type of gutter is not easy and convenient because it involves the cutting of gutters into sections to fit in.

Gutter Replacement Maintenance

After you have successfully installed your gutters, you will need to maintain them. The level of gutter maintenance depends on the type of material used to make the gutter. If the material is stainless steel, you should be ready to maintain it because this type of material demands a great deal of maintenance compared to other gutter materials made from vinyl, wood, and copper. You can also install a gutter guide, alongside the gutter to improve its maintenance because gutter guides act as protection against damages, and hence saves you money on cleaning cost.

Furthermore, gutters are required to be cleaned once or twice a year, if not regularly, to keep them functioning with or without a gutter guide.

Factors to Consider If You Want To Hire a Professional Gutter Replacement Installer

Hiring a professional gutter installer provides the installing service you need to get your gutter system working efficiently. Unfortunately, not all gutter installers offer high-quality jobs. But hiring a professional is not as easy as it sounds because gutter companies do not need licenses. If you want to hire a professional gutter installer, it would be wise of you if you considered the following: transparency, experience, and most of it all, references.

Before you estimate the installation cost from at least three different gutter installers, check for reliable references. Getting feedback from the contractor’s past client will tell you a lot about the contractor’s professionalism and the quality of work they offer. You can also ask your family, friends, and neighbors for recommendations that suit your taste.

Furthermore, checking the contractor’s experience is essential because gutter companies do not need licenses; hence you have to know how experienced they are. Hiring gutter companies that are new to the field is risky, especially if they can not provide you with any reliable references from previous Clients.

Gutter Replacement Is the Way to Go

The installation of a new gutter system ( including downspout) after you notice a few signs of faults in your gutter system, such as leak and sagging of gutters, is not only vital to the health of the home but also saves cost. Because if you attempt to compromise the situation by fixing it, you will spend more than the price needed to install a new gutter on intermittent damages after repair. What is repaired has a short lifespan compared to the longevity of a brand new one.

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