How Much Does a Privacy Fence Cost? Getting One Might Improve Your Life

Many people adopt the use of privacy fences for the purpose of security and to forestall undesirable factors that intrude on their privacy, such as public sights and sounds from neighbors and traffic that are in close proximity to their home.

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The use of a privacy fence may be optional or compulsory. It may be optional in the sense that only those who live near busy roads and in densely populated vicinity may opt for the use of a privacy fence. In comparison, it is compulsory for people who possess a swimming pool or hot tub.

Privacy fences types

Privacy fences are of different materials that play a significant role in the fence’s degree of longevity, aesthetic appearance, the maintenance it requires, cost of installation, and most importantly, the level of security it offers. These fence materials include the following; vinyl, chain link, PVC, wood, or metals.

Fence made from Chain link:

– It is affordable
– Easy to install
– It is long-lasting with a free maintenance option

– It has a utilitarian appearance. It is not attractive

Fence made from wood:

– It is affordable to purchase and install
– It is sustainable

– It requires a high degree of maintenance because you will need to apply paint to forestall pest infestation

Fence made from vinyl:

– It offers you a free maintenance option

– It is expensive

Fence made from metal:

– They are inexpensive
– They last longer

– They require a high degree of maintenance. You will need to paint or apply lubricating oil to forestall rusting.

Installation of a privacy fence

These varieties of materials that can make up your household’s privacy fence can be installed by doing it yourself or by hiring contractors; however, your decision will determine the degree of professionalism and quality of work you need. If you choose to do it yourself, you will benefit financially because you won’t have the obligation of paying a company for installation; hence it is cheaper. However, it comes with several problems such as having the right materials, tools, having knowledge of land surveys, and topography of the land, which not everyone happens to know. In the long run, the quality of work you will get will be extremely low. That is why subscribing to the idea of hiring companies that specializes in the installation of fences provides you with a high-quality job, because the contractors are experienced with myriads of skills they attain from installing several fences, unlike DIYers who have only erected a few or just one.

Furthermore, there happens to be a kind of expense illusion when you do it yourself. Whereby you think you are saving more, but subtly you are not. Hiring professionals that specialize in the installation of fences also provide you with an assured time frame for its completion that is way earlier than when you do it yourself.

The average cost of installing a privacy fence ranges from about $2,400 to $2,800; however, the type of fence materials used, styles, and the overall length of the fence your home needs may alter the cost of fence installation.

Type of fence material used

The type of fencing material you choose to use plays a significant role in the cost of its installation. However, you can harness this factor. The most affordable kind is that of chain link, but it does not offer total privacy to your home unless the altered parts are covered. Rather than settling on a type of material due to its affordability, it would be beneficial if you also consider the cost of its maintenance because they all vary. In the long run, using a lower material will mitigate the cost to about $1,600. On the contrary, a high-end material will increase the cost to about $4,000.

The length and height of the fence

Professionals always charge on the basis of the fence’s linear, which always ranges between $8 to $18 per linear foot. The longer the fence, the more the installation costs; if you need a six-foot fence, the contractor will charge you about $48 to $108 per linear foot.

The style of the fence

The style you choose to adhere to the type of fence in your home could increase the costs of installation. If you decide to improve the aesthetic quality of your fence by the addition of decorative components, it will increase the price. This can be seen when you compare the style on a split rail wood and six-foot wood privacy fence, whereby it will cost you about $3 to $6 per linear foot for split rail wood fence, which differs from a six-foot wood fence that cost about $8 to $18 per linear foot.

The increment of the cost of installing a privacy fence caused by the highlighted factors can be reduced by several other ways apart from doing it yourself. These methods include the limitation of the yard of your fence and going for an affordable material.

Limitation of the yard you fence

You can mitigate the cost you will require to install a privacy fence by limiting the yard you fence. Contractors do charge per linear foot; hence if you want to fence a larger portion of your yard, it will come with an increment in price. will save more if you reduce the part of the yard you choose to fence.

Choosing affordable materials

Choosing a cheaper material for your home fence demands forgoing those with a high degree of aesthetic and making longevity top your scale of preference.


The installation of privacy fences protects homeowners from the public factors that intrude on their privacy, such as the undesirable sight and sound of neighbors and traffic. It also improves the structural integrity of your home in terms of aesthetic and security; hence hiring a company that specializes in this field won’t be an easy task due to the variation of qualities they offer; however, checking three companies’ references before hiring them is essential and saves you from low-quality jobs.

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