How To Rent An Affordable Private Jet In The US

Renting a private jet has always been associated with living a rich life. The case is not always so though. Renting a private jet has become less expensive in recent times. Combined with the comfort that comes with flying private, renting a private jet now makes a lot of sense.

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When you rent a private jet, you do not have to arrive at the airport hours before your departure time so as to account for all the time you’ll waste going through all the airport security and checks. You are able to avoid queuing up on long lines and taking out your stuff for checking.

Benefits Of Renting A Private Jet

• Saves time – Renting a private jet saves time in so many ways. Besides the fact that they fly faster, private jets are also able to land at a lot of airfields that are not open to commercial planes. This helps you take off and land at an airfield that is closest to your current location and your destination respectively.

• Convenience – Getting ready for a private jet flight is extremely hassle-free. Once you book the flight and your identity is verified, all you have to do is show up at the airport, wait a few minutes and then off you go. There’s the luxury of being able to choose your own meals and also bring pets aboard. You also do not have to deal with the distraction of other passengers around you in case you have to work. Your privacy is also assured as you don’t have anyone looking over your shoulder trying to see what you do on your computer.

How To Save Cost While Flying Private

While it is true that the cost of renting a private jet is now cheaper, it is still possible to rack up a huge bill if you do not have knowledge of steps you can take to cut down on your rental costs.

• Use a charter broker – Moving a plane from where it is parked to where you want to take off is one of the things that racks up the cost of renting a private jet. There are also a lot of variables that are not known by the average person. Getting in touch with a broker can help you get the best prices for your flight.

• Empty leg flights – These are flights on planes that leave an airport without passengers. You can save a lot of money by renting this kind of plane as it will fly whether there are passengers or not. The disadvantage of this flight is that they are difficult to plan for. You encounter these deals by chance.

• Book a seat – It’s also possible to cut down on your flight costs by booking a seat on a private flight. Since you are not renting the whole plane, you only pay for your seat and you only have to pay a fraction of the total rental price.

• Private jet membership – A lot of jet rental companies offer membership clubs. This method only makes sense if you are a frequent flier. There’s a certain amount of money which you pay per specified amount of time, usually monthly.

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