Medical Assistant Programs Best For Seniors in 2022

The need for new health care workers is growing rapidly and therefore there are a lot of job opportunities in this field. In addition to doctors and nurses, a large number of health care workers are categorized as “medical assistants”; who perform a variety of tasks within different kinds of medical organizations.

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This growing need for medical assistants combined with modern technology in both education and health services has led to opportunities for seniors who wish to enter this career field. Due to developments in both the internet and software applications, the field of “tele-medicine” (remote medical care and services via the internet) has flourished. This has created a growing number of remote (work from home) medical assistant positions. These kinds of jobs are perfect for most seniors looking to continue or returning to work.

This same type of technology has also enabled a multitude of distance (online) learning programs – including to become a medical assistant. Better yet, in addition to the convenience and security from learning at home, these programs allow you to study on your schedule and often in an accelerated fashion. Many of these online medical assistant programs can be completed in a matter of months, not years – which is another plus for seniors. The best of these programs available in 2022 are listed below.

Ashworth College

Program Type: Certificate – Medical Administrative Assistant

This online school physically based in Georgia has been rated number one for many reasons. First is their track record, with more than 300,000 students from across the globe have graduated from the college’s online educational offerings. They also allow you to study wherever you are thanks to their smartphone app. Plus, students benefit from their supportive online community through discussion forums, email, live chat and webinars.

The curriculum emphasizes administrative procedures, so the classes focus on medical front office management, medical documentation and processing insurance claims. You can enroll at any time and start your first class as soon as you’re accepted, and you can do your studies at your own pace.

State Fair Community College

Program Type: Medical Assistant Professional Certificate

This two year college is physically located in Missouri and offers a certificate program consisting of 34.5 credit hours which can usually be completed in about one year. Students can apply for admission to classes that begin in July or to classes that begin in December. The curriculum includes teaching clinical skills such as how to take and record vital signs, and how to administer injections, as well as office management skills such as appointment scheduling and billing. The program is concluded with a capstone class, where students complete a comprehensive independent research project.

U.S. Career Institute

Program Type: Medical Assistant Certificate

This well seasoned online school allows you to complete your certificate in only four months. However, all their courses are self paced, so you can take your time if you wish. This is a real world oriented program, with the course work focusing on the straightforward presentation of practical materials. The curriculum includes teaching clinical skills such as vital signs and obtaining laboratory specimens, as well as administrative responsibilities like understanding medical terminology and medical insurance forms.

Penn Foster

Program Type: Medical Assistant Associate Degree

This online school is one of the very first distance education providers in the country. They have an open enrollment policy, so you can begin taking classes whenever you feel ready. This degree program takes four semesters to complete, and students are required to take a few general education classes in addition to their core courses. Those core courses include classes that teach medical clinical skills as well as medical related administrative skills.

Herzing University

Program Type: Diploma in Medical Assisting

Herzing, based in Wisconsin, is very well versed in distance education – offering more than 50 degree and diploma programs online. This program can be completed in only 10 months and admission is on a rolling basis, allowing you to begin taking classes whenever you decide the time is right. The curriculum prepares you to perform hands-on patient care as well as to take care of medically related clerical and administrative duties.

Purdue University Global

Program Type: Medical Assistant Certificate

This online division of the famous Purdue University allows you to complete your certificate in as little as 10 weeks. The course work typically takes about 15 hours per each week. They even offer a free three week trial period. The program’s curriculum teaches medical clinical skills as well as medical office procedures. Students are also required to participate in a 160-hour externship in a physician’s office or an ambulatory care center in order to earn their certificate.

Daytona College

Program Type: Medical Assistant Diploma

This Florida based school specializes in vocational education and training. This program’s coursework combines medical theory with clinical applications. Students will also learn core skills that will enable them to function efficiently as medical office managers.

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