Tuition Free Online College Computer Science Courses For Seniors

You’re never too old to increase your knowledge or learn new skills. Seniors in large numbers are looking to broaden their horizons by taking college courses in various subjects. A very popular subject for many seniors is computer science, which is not surprising considering the greatly computerized world we live in.

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The time has never been better for seniors to pursue higher education, thanks to the strong presence of “distance education” – which is where you attend courses right from your home. Distance education has grown rapidly due to advances in internet and computer technology, combined with extra demand because of the COVID epidemic. So, now you can choose from a multitude of online course offerings, including in computer science.

Not only can you take these courses from the comfort of your home and based on your schedule, but there are also even some of these online offerings that are tuition free. Discussed below are some of these courses in computer science, including an online degree program and an online certificate program.

Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science

University of the People (UoP) is a totally online university – they have no physical campus. They offer a variety of degrees totally online and they are an accredited institution of higher education. Better yet, UoP is tuition free. The only fees they charge are a modest application fee and final exam fee – and there is even financial aid available to help pay these. They offer online courses in 10 week modules and only require a 2.0 GPA (grade point average) to graduate.

Their Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science provides students with the in-depth knowledge and necessary skills needed within the field of Information Technology and Computer Science. This degree prepares students for a variety of work opportunities involving the world of computers and UoP also provides career guidance and job placement assistance. Plus, you always have the option to use this knowledge and skills to go into business for yourself –as a consultant or entrepreneur for example.

Certificate in Software Development

Software development is a major and perhaps the most important part of the field of computer science. This is the area where programs and applications are designed and implemented, including all the often talked about ‘coding’ that is responsible for much of what is on the internet and smart phone applications. The demand and need for educated and skilled personnel in software development is very large and growing – therefore the amount of business and job opportunities in this field are tremendous.

The large and popular business “social media” site, Linked-in, runs an online education platform called in-Learning, and one of there many offerings is “Become a Software Developer”. This is a certificate program, meaning upon completion of all the courses, you will be given a certificate in Software Development – and all the courses and the certificate are free. All the courses are online and taken at your convenience. There are 11 separate courses in the program, taking about 29 total hours of “class” time. This certificate program will provide you with a broad perspective, specific knowledge and skills regarding core technologies for web development, software development, and databases.

MIT Free Online Computer Science Courses

Yes, that’s right – you can study at the world famous Massachusetts Institute of Technology, online and for free. What better place to get knowledge about computers and these are ‘open’ courses, no admission requirements, no exams, no grades, no pressure – all you need are the desire, time and computer with internet. MIT’s Department of Computer Science offers an extensive variety of online computer science courses, including the following:

– Elements of Software Construction: covers software development theory and methods, including how to write straightforward code and debug programs.

– Introduction to Computer Science and Programming: goes over the foundational knowledge on this subject. Readings from the textbook are available online for free, and you can interact with others through an online study group.

– Mathematics for Computer Science: students learn modeling and analysis of mathematical processes used in computers.

– Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs: covers the basics of programming languages and may include several programming projects.

University of Michigan Free Online Computer Science Courses

– Cyberscience – Computational Science: students examine the role of computers in science and how their use has changed scientific inquiry.

– Networked Computing – Storage, Communication, and Processing: topics include computer architecture, Web technologies, security, and database modeling. Plus, a downloadable textbook on learning the Python programming language.

Utah State University Free Online Computer Science Courses

– Error Coding: teaches how to write code to detect and correct errors in programs. Topics include linear block codes and cyclic codes.

– Information Theory: provides students with a foundation in data compression, pattern recognition, and other topics.

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