Best Online Associate Degree Programs

You should consider an online associate degree if studying long-term, say for four years, isn’t your thing. This option isn’t restricted to academics alone. You will also find it very helpful to improve your skills or acquire more knowledge in your field to become more marketable.

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In this article, we show you how to make the best choice regarding your program of interest. We also help you weigh your options and make an intelligent decision.

The Best Online Associate Degree Colleges

Compiled below is a list of the best colleges we found after intensive research, where you can get an online associate degree. They are affordable, vouched for, and recognized far and wide by employers. Your study schedule is entirely up to you while taking these courses, and the tutors and lecturers teach comprehensively.

1. UMassOnline
2. Southern New Hampshire University
3. Penn State
4. Eastern Kentucky University
5. Highland Community College
6. Lone Star Community College
7. Albany State University
8. Purdue University
9. Broward College

Why You Should Choose an Online Associate Degree

There are many reasons you will find an online associate degree suitable. For starters, one of them is that it’s an economical way to get an education. You get a headstart on your program of choice if you later decide to further your studies in an institution.
Asides from this, it’s a way to get well-prepared on coursework for a bachelor’s program.
An associate degree is a minimum requirement needed for a lot of jobs. It’s especially useful if you don’t have a college degree just yet; it gives you an edge.
The best part is you can take classes at your convenience. You’re able to take classes anywhere and anytime best suited for you. The long walks across campuses are unnecessary as you can study in the comfort of your home.
It’s equally an excellent option for you if you’re a career person who still wants to learn.

How to Choose an Online Associate Degree

There are many factors you should consider before choosing where to enroll for your degree. They include:

Is the institution reputable? How good are their standards? Is it accredited? Are the tutors and lecturers professionals who have been tested and are trusted? Ask all these questions, and make sure the answers are positive.
Getting educated by an unknown institute could be pointless and tough as employers pay attention to degrees awarded by recognized institutes.

Getting an online associate degree costs much less than a bachelor’s degree program. It would take you half the time to complete a course to earn a bachelor’s degree to earn an associate degree. For instance, if you need to go through 180 credit hours to get your bachelor’s, you can complete your associate degree in 90 credit hours.
With this, avoid colleges that have a habit of hiking up their tuition steeply every year.

Course Offerings
To ensure you’re making the right choice, be sure to check that your college of choice is offering the degree you want to pursue. Some colleges have a wide array of choices for online associate degrees, while others have limited options. Ensure that there’s an offer for long-distance learning for your degree of choice.

Easy Jobs to Get with an Associate Degree

Getting a job after completing the degree won’t be difficult as thousands of jobs are waiting for associate degree holders. A few of the popular career choices available are:

Web Developer
A web developer’s job involves writing code, graphics integration, tracking website traffic, application testing, and continuous improvement on built websites.
They build great websites with unparalleled user experience for professional organizations, schools, churches, personal businesses, and non-profit organizations.
Their average pay per annum is $69,430, which is $33.38 per hour.

Legal Assistant/Paralegal
If you want to be a lawyer, you can gain some real legal experience by working as an assistant to lawyers. You will conduct research, gather facts of a case, write reports, arrange evidence for review, and so on.
On average, they earn $24.49 per hour and $50,940 per year.

Dental Hygienist
As a dental hygienist, your role involves conducting exams on patients, performing preventive care like cleaning the teeth, and applying fluoride and sealants to areas being treated. You’ll also be in charge of treatment plans and educate patients on the proper way to care for their dentition and mouth in general.
They get paid an average of $35.97 per hour and $74,820 per annum.

Best Colleges for an Online Associate Degree

After hours of research, we put together a list of the best colleges for an online associate degree.

The University of Massachusetts offers the following degree programs online.
– Associate of Science in Business Administration: You learn about the fundamentals of business management. You need 65 credits to complete the program at $385 per hour.
– Associate of Science in Information Technology: It entails programming, advanced database development networking, and operating systems knowledge. The cost is $380 per credit hour, and you need 60 credits to complete the program.
– Associate of Science in Sustainable Food and Farming: Subjects like marketing production and agricultural education are at the core of this program.

Southern New Hampshire University
All the programs here are 60-credit hour programs which include:
– Accounting
– Business administration
– Liberal arts,
– Information technologies,
– Marketing,
– Digital photography,
– Fashion merchandising,
– Criminal justice.

Penn State World Campus
World Campus is the online campus of Pennsylvania State University that offers associate degrees in:
– Criminal justice,
– Business administration,
– Information technology,
– Human resources,
– Human development and family studies,
– Letters, arts, and sciences, and
– Turfgrass science and management.

Eastern Kentucky University
Getting an online associate degree from EKU comes with flat tuition rates. You get a personalized plan and lots of online resources to keep you on track. The courses include
– General studies,
– Paralegal studies,
– Paramedic studies, and
– Police studies.

Final Thoughts

Getting an education shouldn’t tear a hole in your pocket, and it definitely shouldn’t be an inconvenience to you.
We are here to help you find the best online associate degrees. Listed above are our best recommendations. They are affordable and accredited. Go through to find your program of choice. Kickstart your education today.

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